The Weight of your child's school bag may not be ideal for his or her age.

A Consultant Pediatrician writes:- 

As Schools  resume in several  states .
Sure you have bought a backpack for your child. Beautifully coloured with great  designs. 

Guess you have bought books also, Great !
But please do two things:-

1. Weigh your child on the bathroom scale. 

2. Weigh the backpack. 

3. Then weigh it with his/her books.
If the backpack with his/her books weigh more than 15% of his weight, 
Then you are asking for trouble.
The mathematics may be tough. 
So let's make it simple. 

Assuming your child weighs 20kg
15% of 20kg  is 3kg.
So if the backpack loaded with his/her  books weigh more than 3kg......
There is fire on the mountain.
You are requesting for backaches
Bad postures
And even spinal issues on the long term.

Way forward.....
Reduce the load

Distribute his books evenly in the pack
This helps share the weight 
Also get a backpack with a waist strap 
This reduces the pressure on his back
Now you know .......
So do the needful pls. 

May our children
excel mightily in school in Jesus name.


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